Age 4 - 6

Course Description

Our Phonics courses familiarize young learners aged 4 to 6 with the English alphabet, consonant and vowel sounds, introductory vocabulary, and common conversational phrases. Once Phonics students have developed a foundational vocabulary and are proficient in phonemes and the rules of pronunciation for English, they advance to our Pre-AB Core I course to begin expanding their vocabulary and learning elemental grammatical structures. By the time students complete the Pre-AB Core II course, they are able to confidently read and write simple sentences in English, which means they are ready to enter our Academic English program at the Beginner level.

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4 - 6 years old
14 weeks 2 hours per week
48 hours

Teaching Methodology

It is extremely important that young learners enjoy their lessons so that they will want to continue learning. At Cornerstone, Phonics students learn in a playful and encouraging environment intended to make learning English fun and interesting. Our Phonics teachers use popular children's textbooks as well as games, puzzles, songs, and other activities to create an interactive learning experience. This approach to teaching not only helps students stay focused but also helps them retain the new knowledge they acquire by encoding it in their memory through activity-based learning.


Develop a foundational vocabulary and become proficient in phonemes and the rules of pronunciation for English
Pre-AB Core I
Expand vocabulary and learn elemental grammatical structures
Pre-AB Core II
Confidently read and write simple sentences in English

Course Objectives

  • Recognize and apply the letters of the alphabet
  • Understand and pronounce short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, digraphs, and consonant blends
  • Read and write short words and simple sentences


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