Test preparation

Age 12+

Course Description

Our TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT Test Preparation courses are intended for students aged 12 and older. Students enter our Test Preparation courses at either the Core, Bridge, or Leader level for a particular test based on their performance on a diagnostic placement exam. Students then advances through the course levels based on their progress on key learning outcomes. After successfully completing the Leader course, students are promoted to the Practice level, which is dedicated to taking practice exams that are comparable to the actual exams administered at testing centers. All of Cornerstone's Test Preparation instructors have years of experience teaching exam preparation. We use textbooks, diagnostic tests, and interactive audio and video recordings produced by the leading test-preparation publishers and the exam organizations themselves, such as ETS, Cambridge, and College Board. Our students' exam scores consistently improve, and many students improve their scores considerably after studying at Cornerstone for only short time. In fact, the first student to ever achieve a perfect score on the SAT in Vietnam was enrolled in an SAT Test Preparation course at Cornerstone at the time, and our students have continued to earn impressive SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS scores since.

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12+ years old
12 - 14 weeks
48 - 56 hours

Teaching Methodology

Test Preparation courses at the Core through Leader levels familiarize students with the design and organization of the test they are studying, teach them advanced vocabulary that often appears in standardized tests, and provide targeted test-taking strategies that are proven to increase scores on the test they will be taking. At the Practice level, our Test Preparation courses continue to teach advanced vocabulary and test-taking strategies but become increasingly data driven. Students take practice exams on a regular basis in order to become more comfortable with the exam and to identify their individual weaknesses so they can be addressed. The data for each individual student is available to the student and their parents for review.


IELTS Preparation
- Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Practice
TOEFL Preparation
- Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Practice
SAT Preparation
- Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Practice

Course Objectives

  • Understand the structure and expectations of the exam
  • Apply test-taking strategies proven to increase scores
  • Expand academic vocabulary
  • Increase reading rate, accuracy, and critical comprehension
  • Develop quantitative reasoning, problem-solving, and data analysis skills
  • Cultivate test endurance, intellectual resilience, and academic independence
  • Produce coherent, cohesive, and effective verbal and written responses
  • Prepare for the rigors of undergraduate study


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