CSI Spring Term 2022

Back To School - Let's start the Spring Term 2022 at CSI

After a long time of online learning due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, their interaction and …


CSI - Open Letter Fall Term 2021

Dear valued Parents,

We know the learning environment last school year was unique, to say the least, and many teachers and parents worry about the impact it may have had …


Was 2020-2021 the most difficult college application season yet?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced universities and colleges to reinvent the admissions process that hasnt changed for many decades. Heres what parents and students need to know about this unprecedented …


Admissions Waitlist: What Is It? What Do You Do Next?

Mid-March to May is an emotionally tumultuous time for high school seniors and their parents. Emails that start with Congratulations slowly find their way into email inboxes, only to be …


Try Free Online Class in 2 weeks at Cornerstone Institute

Due to the spread of the covid epidemic, schools have implemented online teaching plans. CSI offers 2 weeks of trial Online Class for all students.

We are the leading experts …


What is "Critical Thinking" anyway?

In preparation for Cornerstone Institute's upcoming Winter Intensive, our test prep instructors thought it essential to revisit our understanding of this fundamental skill and its relationship to academic preparedness. This …