CSI - Open Letter Fall Term 2021

  • • 09/12/2021

Dear valued Parents,

We know the learning environment last school year was unique, to say the least, and many teachers and parents worry about the impact it may have had on their students learning.

Learning requires human interaction--whether offline or online--and we understand it. Over the years, we have carefully designed and modified online learning experiences with the latest educational tools to improve learning and interactions between teachers and students.

This has led to the creation of the NPX Online Learning Platform, a learning tool created by teachers to help improve our students learning outcomes.

We are trying to fully complete all the features/functions by our Winter term to all students.

NPX Online Learning Platform

From the beginning of Fall term (Aug 23-Nov 13,2021) CSI will run 1 of the most effective features from NPX Online Learning Platform- Live class

First step, Live class will be applied for all AS,AF,SAT classes to let our mid-high school students be familiar with the system . For AB and PL classes, CSI will resume Zoom as the same as Summer term

For homework submission, CSI will use Google classroom to help students submit and get homework released at an effective and convenient way

What is NPX ?

NPX Online Learning Platform highlights 5 key features for optimal online learning:

1/ All-in-one solution (In progress): A comprehensive system that offers live classroom learning, homework assignments, examinations, teacher feedback and other course materials, all in one place

2/ Engaging classroom environment: Interactive teaching tools and small class sizes (3-8 students per class depending on level) will make each class more engaging and enjoyable for students

3/ Active learning: Our dedicated mentors are trained and experienced with active online learning strategies to help students to participate and collaborate

4/ Connection: Connect with mentors and classmates no matter when and where

5/ Safety: NPX Online Learning Platform is secured using the latest encryption technology. Only Point Avenue/CSI teachers and students can log onto this platform using their personal accounts. All student information is secured and confidential.

With the NPX Online Learning Platform, we believe that CSI students will have a top-notch, enjoyable and safe online learning experience. Furthermore, our platform will continue to expose our students to the latest online learning tools, preparing them for success beyond their traditional classroom and future workspace.

To get students ready for the new Fall term, our course consultant will contact parents as soon as possible with login information and relevant instructions.   

We are very grateful for your continued trust and support. We wish you and your family health and safety.


CSI team